Hall Capital takes time to understand each client’s needs in order to allocate the portfolio asset opportunities among stocks, bonds, mutual funds and cash equivalents.  Then, through “asset mix”, a portfolio can be tilted toward current income or further capital growth with appropriate risk levels tailored for the client’s needs.  Based on these needs, Hall Capital will work with the client to develop a portfolio approach that contains a prudent combination of assets.  The decision-making process for determining the specific securities to include in the portfolio begins with the study of the economic situation and outlook for the next one to three years.  We then, assess the posture of the market itself, as the two are related.  Prior to stock purchases, Hall Capital pays as much attention to industry groups in the context of the firm’s outlook for the economy and market trends – as is spent on individual companies.


We understand how valuable retirement plans are for small businesses and their employees.  We also understand the challenges that come along with offering a retirement plan.  As an employer and a sponsor to your company’s 401(k) plan, your responsibilities include controlling investment and administrative costs, monitoring investment performance, and educating participants on saving for retirement.  We specialize in providing these services to 401(k) plans for small businesses.  We want you to focus on running your company while we make your 401(k) plan our priority.

We will work with you to select the best service providers, investment choices, and plan design features for your company.  We continuously monitor the plan's investments and relationships with service providers.  Our philosophy is that controlling costs is the first step to creating a truly beneficial 401(k) plan for your employees and your business.

Hall Capital does not participate or accept commission-based compensation.  Because of our fee based service, and our independence as a company, each recommendation we make is based solely on what's best for you and your employees.


Hall Capital takes a comprehensive approach to financial planning by addressing your financial life through careful exploration of your personal goals and objectives as well as current lifestyle.  Our in-depth process results in a flexible, long-term plan customized to address your specific and evolving needs.  In formulating and executing strategies, we at all times will act as the financial “quarterback” by coordinating the services of other specialists.  Our financial planning services include: Retirement Planning, Education Planning, Estate Planning Review, Insurance Needs Review and Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis.


Taxes are an integral part of any financial plan.  We are able to help our clients with their individual income tax return preparation. We incorporate tax considerations into both our financial planning and our investment management.  Our tax knowledge and overall understanding of our client's specific tax situation enhance our ability to effectively manage assets and strengthen our over all relationship with our clients.